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A Short Biography

JOE MATHIS (Switzerland 1913 - 2002)

During his distinguished career as an independent artist, Joe Mathis (JM) exhibited an extensive portfolio of impressionistic and abstract paintings at more than 50 one-man and group exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad.

Drawing inspiration from extensive travels in Europe, the USA, Africa and China, he experimented with new techniques in oil, watercolors, crayons and ink, and created etchings, wood and linoleum carvings as well as three-dimensional objects.

In his prime, JM designed and executed more than 80 large-scale murals for schools, churches, public and official buildings, as well as private homes in
Switzerland and Germany.

Prior to working as an independent artist, JM managed the advertising and graphics department of one of the largest department store chains in Switzerland. Gifted and innovative, he was part of a group of talented Swiss graphic artists whose influence, especially in poster design, reached far beyond Switzerland's

During this period, he created eye-catching graphics to explain important political and social developments for the Swiss news magazine Schweizer Illustrierte.

Joe Mathis graduated from the Art Academy in Lucerne in graphic design; studied fine art with well-known painter Christoph Vohdin in Zurich; and continued his
education at the Art Academy Julien in Paris, France, and at the Hofer Schule in Berlin, Germany.

Mathis Life Journey
Life Journey, ink & watercolor